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Breed Type: Suri Alpaca

Alpaca Type: Suri Alpaca

Colour: Solid Light Fawn

Date of Birth: 04/06/2011

Registered with: BAS

Shared with Spring Farm Alpacas

Snipers Peruvian Victor of Suri Stud is one of our imported boys and his sire a true blue black was the most decorated coloured suri male in the USA ever. Little Victor as he is known on the farm has already produced some stunning championship winning cria. He is now the biggest male on the farm but picked up his nickname as he was the smallest cria we bought with our import in 2012 he is a gentle boy and easy to handle despite his large size.

Histogram Results 2016

Micron Average: 27.8

Standard Deviation: 5.8

CF: 73.5%

Histogram Results 2015

Mean Fibre Diameter: 24.5 microns

Standard Deviation: 5.2 microns

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