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The first West Wight Alpacas wedding today!

3rd Aug, 2018

A gorgeous marquee in our top paddock, so peaceful and overlooking the stunning countryside around Wellow


The first of our quarterly farm blogs

27th Apr, 2018

It's been a long and wet winter here in Wellow and the constant wet weather has meant the farm had, in some parts, turned in to a muddy mess particularly the track ways (or runways as we call them). We have done everything we can to keep the farm accessible for all of our visitors and we have reduced our prices to make it a bit more affordable, lots of people have still enjoyed a look around the farm by borrowing Welly boots from us although thankfully the farm has now dried out. We would still however recommend stout shoes. Some of the animals had to come in over the winter such as our Donkeys, pigs and some of the alpaca yearlings so they are now very pleased to finally be on spring grass. Alpaca walking and Llama trekking however has continued to be popular right through the late winter and early spring. We have had to put up the prices a little for 2018 as we have held the price for alpaca walking for some years now however we are still currently at last year's price and we will hold that until summer half term which starts on Saturday the 26th May so if you want reduced entry fees and walking fees get in quick!

Now we are in late May baby animals are coming thick and fast and our furry friends have so far produced four Pygmy goat kids which kept us all waiting on tenter hooks, they were four weeks later than we were expecting so I guess the weather was just not warm enough for our Pygmy billy goat called Goaty McGoat Face to perform when we first put him in with his girls. He is obviously a sensitive soul! We have four very cute kids, two boys and two girls which are as yet unnamed. They are incredibly sweet and also a little naughty and love a cuddle and will do their level best to escape their pen to get one. We have had lambs from the Jacobs sheep and our Herdwick sheep are about half way through lambing and we have seven Herdwick lambs running around as of today. All lambs are lovely but the ones we are really looking forward to are our Wensleydale lambs. Wensleydale sheep are a very rare breed these days with only about 1,300 in the herd book and their long wool fleece is genuinely soft and valuable. We are also looking forward to welcoming a few Kerry Hill sheep on to the farm which should arrive any day now.

Our Llamas have started unpacking and we have two lovely llama cria on the ground already doing well, both girls and named Pimms No1 and Mermaid, this years theme will become obvious soon.

So what is coming next in May? As I have said above we are expecting up to six Wensleydale lambs early in the month, we can't wait! We are also expecting another four Llama cria and towards the end of May our alpacas will start unpacking and we will be looking forward to more new cria on the farm. The alpaca births are spread right through until late October/early November giving most the opportunity of seeing a newly born cria.

On the small animal front we are hatching out regular batches of chicks, ducklings, pheasants and more. If you would like to come and see a chick hatch or hold a newly chick they normally hatch in batches mid-week. We will be expecting our Continental giant rabbits to give birth later on in the year as well as our miniature rex rabbits.

Its a great time to come and visit the farm now we have finally dried out. Our lambs and our goat kids love a cuddle and we will very soon have alpaca and llama cria that you will be able to get up close and personal with. The Llama Tree Pizzeria is now open some evenings and we have a licence as well, watch out for wicked Wednesday offers.