So, what's it all about then?

Here at West Wight Alpacas we have been walking with alpacas since 2011 and trekking with llamas since 2015. We were one of the very first farms to offer alpaca walking and therefore believe we are able to offer you one of the very best experiences.

What do we do on an alpaca walk or llama trek?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you would prefer a walk with an alpaca or a llama. Our team will help suggest the best animal for you to walk with, if you are unsure. Alpacas tend to be quieter and are not as naturally confident as llamas, which have had thousands of years of selective breeding to become the very best trekking companions. That's not to say that our inquisitive Suri alpacas don't enjoy an alpaca walk around our farm.

When you arrive, please report to our café where you will be booked in by one of our team. This is the time to say which animal you would prefer to walk with. A few minutes before you are due to start a member of our team will show you where to meet your walk leader.

All of our walk leaders are hugely knowledgeable about both llamas and alpacas - they will tell you all about these fantastic animals, their history and what they are used for in their natural home during your walk. They will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're a little nervous, it's important you let your walk leader know so that they can assist you to choose the best alpaca or llama - surprisingly, it's not always the smaller or younger animals that are best suited!

The minimum age for walking an alpaca or llama on your own is eight, however younger people can get involved and walk an alpaca or llama on a double lead, leaving the adult in control but allowing the young person to enjoy the experience.

After choosing your animal and speaking with your walk leader, you're now ready to go. You will have either chosen the short or long farm walk. The short walk takes around twenty minutes with carrot feeding at the end, the second longer alpaca walk or llama walk takes around forty minutes, with again feeding at the end. The views from the top of the farm out over the Solent are spectacular and you will be given the chance to stop and admire them if you have chosen the long walk option.

Alpaca walking and llama trekking is a very chilled activity and often we find that dads or boyfriends are dragged along by their wives, kids or girlfriends somewhat reluctantly only to find them waxing lyrical at the end about how much they have enjoyed themselves. So, gentlemen, that holiday beer you fancy will still be waiting for you at the end!

Other Options

Long Alpaca Walks or Llama Treks off the farm.

We will sometimes, by prior arrangement and out of season, organise longer alpaca walks and llama treks off our farm - these are generally on The Tennyson Trail through an area of outstanding natural beauty. This can involve up to three staff members and takes quite a bit of organising however it's an absolutely awesome experience. We have previously walked our llamas in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the second half of Walk the Wight. If you would like to raise money for this very worthy cause and are interested in this, please get in touch.

Llama Agility

If you don't fancy alpaca walking or you have done it before and want to try something different then this might be for you. You will take your llama through a number of agility trials, very similar to dog agility, but on a much grander scale. You will be shown what to do by your agility leader and then your group will be scored and the winner will receive a prize. Llama agility is for a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve people and lasts for around forty minutes. Company bosses looking for a different way to reward your staff, then this is something we would bet they have never tried before! Finish this off with a pizza in The Llama Tree restaurant on site and perhaps a beer and you will have earned lots of brownie points. (Please note we are training up a new group of agility llamas in early 2019, we are not quite sure when they will be ready but later on in the 2019 season so please ask)

Pizza Walk

A very special deal for one of our long farm walks followed by the pizza of your choice in The Llama Tree restaurant. Our sour dough pizzas are becoming the talk of the Wight and you will have walked off the calories first, what could be better?

Cria Watch New for 2019!

Come and sit quietly in our birthing field in the early evening and watch our Llama and Alpaca Cria (babies) enjoy the evening pronking and playing. One of our staff will sit quietly with you and talk to you about our lovely animals. You can feed the alpaca mums which will bring the babies very close. An hours experience available June, July, August and September

Lamb Feeding Back by popular demand

Generally available late March through to Mid-May. Come and enjoy feeding our Triplet and Orphan lambs and learn a little about them from our resident shepherdess. This activity is included in our standard entry fee but due to demand it is essential that you phone to book. Please note if you want your under four to take part (usually free) in this activity then we are sorry but they will have to pay the standard child entry.

Hen Parties and other groups.

All of our activities are regularly enjoyed by Hen parties and other groups, especially Llama Agility and we are happy to work with you to make a bespoke experience just for you and your group, just ask Michelle or Neil.

Alpaca Walking and Llama Trekking, just divine - go on, you know you want to, just give us a call and we will book you in.