Alpaca and Llama walking at West Wight Alpacas

Get up close and personal with our alpacas and llamas taking a walking experience with awesome views from the top of our farm. Learn more about these amazing creatures with our knowledgeable guides and walk past our birthing field where you might just get lucky and witness an alpaca birth!

Children must be aged 8 or over to walk an Alpaca or Llama. Younger children over the age of 5 can still walk as long as they are assisted by an adult. Children 4 or under can still enjoy walking, but can't lead the animal.

Please see our other activities for more information.

You must have sturdy footwear, sensible clothes preferably without flappy coats and remember to bring a camera. For health and safety reasons you can't eat or drink on the way around, however our cafe has refreshments available for you either before or after your walk.

Please remember before you book your walk that we cannot offer refunds if you change your mind. We will try to re-book you at a later date if there is a genuine reason for not attending, at our discretion, but during busy holiday periods this may not be possible

Refunds are NOT issued due to it raining. We do still walk in the rain and we can't control the weather so please be prepared to bring some wellies and wet weather gear with you.

If we have to cancel for any reason you will either be offered a later date or a refund.

Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.

1 Person £24.50

2 Persons sharing 1 Alpaca £35.00

4 persons sharing 2 alpacas £70.00

Price includes entry to the farm

(minimum 2 people, maximum of 8)

Please read Terms & Conditions here

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To avoid disappointment please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allocated walk time.

These walks are run in groups and we have to leave on time.

If you are late we may have to leave without you and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please allow plenty of travel time to allow for road works and Island roads are very busy in peak times.


Alpaca and Llama Walking - A little bit more...

Here at West Wight Alpacas we have been walking with alpacas since 2011 and trekking with llamas since 2015. We were one of the very first farms to offer alpaca walking and therefore believe we are able to offer you one of the very best experiences.

What do we do on an alpaca walk or llama trek?

First alpacas or llamas? Alpacas tend to be quieter and are not as naturally confident as llamas, which have had thousands of years of selective breeding to become the very best trekking companions. That's not to say that our inquisitive Suri alpacas don't enjoy an alpaca walk around our farm they most definitely do. We have both Alpacas and Llamas available to walk and will try to give you a choice although this may not always be possible but I am sure you will enjoy walking either.

When you arrive, please report to the farm entrance where you will be booked in by one of our team. A few minutes before you are due to start your walk a member of our team will show you where to meet your walk leader.

All of our walk leaders are highly knowledgeable about both llamas and alpacas - they will tell you all about these fantastic animals, their history and what they are used for in their natural environment in South America during your walk. They will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're a little nervous, it's important you let your walk leader know so that they can assist you to choose the best alpaca or llama - surprisingly, it's not always the smaller or younger animals that are best suited!

The minimum age for walking an alpaca or llama on your own is eight, however younger people from five and up can get involved and walk an alpaca or llama on a double lead, leaving the adult in control but allowing the young person to enjoy the experience. Younger children can join in but can't actually walk the animals but can walk alongside holding hands or be carried in a sling if a baby. Any child under the Ade of 13 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult on the walk. So you can purchase 2 persons sharing 1 alpaca ticket.

After choosing your animal and being instructed in Health and Safety and walking techniques by your walk leader, you're now ready to go. The alpaca or llama walk takes between thirty and forty minutes, with photo and feeding opportunities at the end. The views from the top of the farm out over the Solent are spectacular and you will be given the chance to stop and admire them.

Alpaca walking and llama trekking is a very chilled activity and often we find that dads or boyfriends are dragged along by their wives, kids or girlfriends somewhat reluctantly only to find them waxing lyrical at the end about how much they have enjoyed themselves. So, gentlemen, that holiday beer you fancy will still be waiting for you at the end!

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