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Kerry Hill Sheep

The Kerry Hill Sheep (in Welsh Dafad Bryniau Ceri)

The Kerry Hill sheep is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the county of Powys in Wales. The breed derives it’s name from the village of Kerry, near Newtown. It is also called Dafad Bryniau Ceri (Welsh). First mentions of the Kerry Hill sheep breed date back to the early nineteenth century. And the breed is today distributed throughout Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK. Total numbers of these sheep are not high but it has been removed from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch list and has more recently become popular with small holders principally because it is a very distinctive sheep with its unusual markings.

There are records of the Kerry Hill sheep breed in it’s native area dating back to 1809, and the first Flock Book was published in 1899 with 26 Members. And the Kerry Hill Flock Book Society keeps a register of pure bred animals and provides information on the breed, shows and sales. Registered Kerry Hill Sheep can be found throughout the British Isles, Ireland and Holland.